The following formats are natively supported in GeoView Pro.
Please feel free to leave a format request on our support page.

Data Files

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Image layers: PNG, TIF, JPG, PDF, GIF, BMP, XBM, GEOTIFF, BSB Nautical Charts, WMS/WMC using XML, ECW, JP2, JPEG2000
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Grid layers: Binary & ASCII GRD (multiple vendors), GXF ASCII, Multiple Arc/Info formats, ARX, DEM, E00, GIS, DOCQ, DT1, DT2, DT3, Planetary Data System
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Shadow Grid Layer: Geosoft Binary Shadow or automatically generated from all supported grid layers
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Vector layers: Geosoft Binary Plot (PLT), DXF, KML/KMZ, GPX, GZ, GTZ, GTM, GML, PMF, SHP, BNA, MapInfo TAB, S-57 (ENC), geoJSON, geoRSS
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Markup layer: KML (editable only when created in or imported into GeoView Pro)

Web Mapping Services

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Apple Map: Standard, Satellite, Hybrid
ArcGIS Map: Streets, Imagery, Topographic, National Geographic, Ocean, Nautical
Mapbox Map: Streets, Outdoors, Light, Dark, Satellite, Hybrid

Web Data Services

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Geocache layers: download data from open geocaching databases

Position Tracking Layer

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Internal: Built-in GPS on iPads with cellular and on iPhones
External: Bluetooth GPS devices are supported if native support is provided by IOS
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what3words Addressing the world