GeoView Pro is a geospatial data viewing & collection application designed for professionals, scientists and just about anyone who uses a map. Use it to create a layered display of base maps, XYZ gridded data along with interactive 3D shadows, vector graphics and your current GPS position. You choose the files, we sort out the details. Everything has logical default settings to get your data displayed as quickly as possible. You may customize the workspace to suit your own taste, but in most cases you won’t have to. When you have things the way you like them, you can save the workspace for quick loading in the future.

For our other applications called GeoView Lite click here and GeoView Cache click here

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FEATURES in Version 5.1
  • overlay Apple Map, ArcGIS Map, raster data, gridded data, interactive shadow, & vector data
  • overlay information from web data sources
  • overlay your current GPS position
  • geo-referencing using embedded data, World Files, or manual entry
  • projection of vector data and GPS to your geo-referenced base maps
  • add, edit & save placemarks, GPS tracks and routes with user-selectable symbols, names & descriptions
  • define, collect and display custom attribute data organized into layers
  • import features, layers and attributes from supported vector graphics file types
  • attach multiple media files (photos, video clips, audio clips) to placemarks
  • post your placemarks, routes, & GPS track on popular social media
  • estimate route completion times using custom speeds
  • create your own collection of URL based symbols for use with markup
  • simple to use - automatic layer sorting, logical default display parameters, dynamic scale-bar
  • downloaded maps are available without Internet connectivity
  • file management and distribution using Dropbox, iCloud, AirDrop, and HTTP
  • supports many popular file formats (with more being added all the time)
  • “the simplest way to communicate location” using what3words

Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPad mini & iPhone running IOS 8.0 or later. An active Internet connection is required to use Apple maps, ArcGIS maps, real-time elevation data, geocaching databases & what3words. An iPad with "Wifi + Cellular" is required for GPS functionality.

We are continually adding new features and file support. Watch for announcements on Twitter.