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These brief tutorials are also found within the GeoView Pro application. Corrections, updates and additional information may be found here even before the application is updated. t.
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Supported File Formats
New formats are often added to enhance work-flow. Check here to see if your favourite format is directly supported by GeoView Pro. Requests for additional formats can be made on our support page.
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Creating your own ZON file
Zone files describe the colour palette and the data correlation whenever you are displaying gridded XYZ data. Zone files created by other applications must be in the format described here. Users can create their own zone files using a text editor.
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Embedding Photos in Markup Description
Markup descriptions can either be plain text or a HTML. Using HTML you can embed images in your description. If the URL is publicly accessible, you can share your KML with other and they will see the same image.
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Release Notes
Look here see to see the history of features added with each version.

If you have a tip you would like to share with everyone, please send us a message using the support page.